Friday, March 20, 2009

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People: Chris Brown, Rihanna 'taking a break' from each other
By Randy McMullen No one's using the term "breakup" yet, but Rihanna and Chris Brown have been apart in recent days and there's no indication of when they ...

Chris Brown Suicidal? More Soulja Boy Is Gay Rumors? Mya Denies ...
Chris Brown has been in the middle of a shit storm ever since Grammy night. The boy is facing cases, public out lash and is losing millions in performances ...

News Ticker: Chris Brown & TI, Lil Wayne, "The Sing Off" and Kelly ...
Despite reports that Chris Brown would be “erased” from the promotion of Takers (formerly Bone Deep), co-star TI says the beleaguered R&B star will still ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna: No love duet after all?
Despite previous reports that Chris Brown and Rihanna recently recorded a love duet (a claim that was reportedly confirmed by music producer Polow da Don), ...

TI Says Chris Brown Won't Be Removed From 'Takers' Marketing Campaign
'I ain't put forth no sort of order,' co-producer TI says of Brown film, formerly called 'Bone Deep.' By Jayson Rodriguez The Atlanta rapper debunked recent ...

Hot Press: Chris Brown's Security Goes Wild, Christina Milian Says "I Don't" To The-Dream, Nick Cannon Ain't Broke
Hot off the Press this week Christina Milian won't "Elope" with The-Dream, Nick Cannon would go broke for Mariah Carey, the stork prepares to deliver another bundle of joy to Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe and Chris Brown's psycho security takes down... [Visit for more information]

NAMES & FACES: Rihanna, Chris Brown apart
Troubled couple Rihanna and Chris Brown are actually "taking a break" from each other and hanging out on separate coasts, according to the latest anonymously sourced scuttlebutt on E! Online.

Bakari Kitwana: A Hip-Hop Response To Chris Brown & Rihanna
For nearly an entire week, the Chris Brown/Rihanna alleged abuse incident has dominated major news media headlines. Unfortunately, these sensationalized reports did less to elucidate...

Rihanna And Chris Brown Split?
Rihanna has reportedly left Chris Brown . Well, for now, at least. E! Online reported that the two singers were "taking a break" on Monday, while Rihanna spends some time in New York, and Brown works on his album on the opposite coast in Los Angeles.

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